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Exercise is recommended, nutrition is essential. There is no shortage of information and science on nutrition, and the important role it plays in our health. We believe that the best approach to this matter to be the same as our perspective on movement and fitness: integrated, and results based.  As with a movement practice, the individual absolutely must do their own research and apply their findings on a consistent basis.  There are the obvious tips like drink less alcohol, eat more organic vegetables and fruits, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of clean water, etc.  There is also the ancient wisdom of the 80/20 approach which we use as a template for daily nutrition.  We also believe in better living through science, and thats why we have been Advocare Advisors for more than 5 years. In that time we have seen success for many clients and experienced it ourselves.  If you'd like to try the industry leading line of Advocare products click