a little gig I do in the #summer for #du

Dynamic Flows and MVMT Classes

6am Monday & Tuesday

9:30am Monday & Thursday

11am Sunday

@ OBX Fitness Collective

5:30am Wednesday

@Lillian St. Beach

Kitty Hawk


Whimsy Warriors,

H.I.I.T,  Strength and Cardio 

with Kelly


8:30am Monday

9:30am/4:30pm Tuesday

9:30am Wednesday

6am/ 5:45pm Thursday

6am/ 8:30pm Friday 

9am Sunday 

@OBX Fitness Collective 

*find us on the MindBody App or at OBX Fitness Collective Website for details 

The building of this culture is done by the individual and the community. It is done through conscious efforts in real time.  You do not have to be advanced to be a part of it, you just have to be willing to advance. 
- Dan
So very #grateful to _almost_adventurous