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Train hard because life is hard, and have fun because life is fun. - Dan Althoff
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 Daniel L. Althoff 
Movement Mentor

'Dan' has been a "fitness instructor" on the Outer Banks for over 10 years and he has been in the fitness culture for much longer. He has studied many disciplines including multiple martial arts, yoga, classic western strength and endurance training protocols, parkour and gymnastic elements, and Much more.  Along with these studies has come mental development and introspection through education, self study and personal practice.  He is not alone in deciding that there is no complete discipline for each and every person. He believes that your movement was not meant to be conceptualized and put into systems and patterns by other people. His teaching applies to all in that the aim is to create a resilient, adaptable physique capable of broad spectrum performance and in that effort you will not only gain the aesthetic benefits but also mental and physical health gains.  Most importantly, the core of the science and art that sets his methods apart is to share a researched, heretical, and child like perspective and realizations on the world around you, how your body relates to it, the natural world, and also to other humans . 

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Kelly Jo Althoff

Feminine Fitness Specialist

Kelly has been the cream of group fitness instructors in the Outer Banks for more than 7 years.  Her personality and undeniably infectious energy is backed up with a constant vigor for research and development in the physical culture, and an endearing authenticity.  With thousands of classes under her belt ranging from high intensity interval training to her inspired Whimsy Warriors class which is designed to maintain intensity while minimizing impact via hot room floor work and range conditioning. Having covered fitness trainer certification, as well as others,  her passion is supported with sound knowledge stemming from multiple disciplines.  Her ability to adapt her perspective to a wide range of students makes for a welcoming atmosphere any time she leads.  Her means are varied but her vision is is straight forward: Love your self, move your body, love and enjoy your movement, use it or lose it.